YouTube Rewind 2018.

  • YouTube Rewind is now gone for good, the company has confirmed.
  • The video-sharing website denied that the last few videos had anything to do with the decision.

YouTube’s end-of-year Rewind series has been around for years now, and people generally looked forward to it until the cringeworthy 2018 video debuted. The company would follow up with the 2019 Rewind (which was negatively received too), but it chose to skip a Rewind video last year due to the pandemic.

Now, the video platform has told Tube Filter (h/t: The Next Web) that it’s killing off the official Rewind video series for good. Thought that the reception to the 2018 or 2019 videos had a role to play in the company’s decision? Well, YouTube insists that its platform is simply too big to encapsulate in a brief video compilation.