YouTube on smartphone stock photo 3

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • YouTube is experimenting with a new quiz feature on specific educational videos in English.
  • The service will test the user’s understanding of the subject matter based on a recently watched video.
  • These quizzes will be generated with AI.

YouTube is one of the most used apps on our phones. The service became this popular on the back of creators creating all sorts of content. For a good chunk of YouTube’s userbase, the platform is an easy way to learn something new, whether it be a new craft or a programming language, or just finding out how to tie a tie in 30 seconds or solving a Rubik’s cube in 10. YouTube hopes you’ve learned something new, and the platform is now experimenting with AI-generated quizzes for the same.

YouTube’s test features and experiments page was updated recently to share more information about the use of AI in these quizzes. A small percentage of viewers will see AI-generated quizzes on the YouTube mobile app’s Home feed on Android and iOS. These quizzes will test your understanding of a subject covered in an educational video you have recently watched.