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Credit: Damien Wilde / Android Authority
  • The latest YouTube experiment brings AI-generated green screens to the Shorts creation flow.
  • Eligible users can type text prompts and have AI generate relevant photos and videos they can use as their backgrounds.
  • The feature is currently being tested with a limited number of users and could expand to more creators later this year.

While Google continues to improve the Gemini service, it has been finding new ways to incorporate AI into its other products. The company is currently testing a new YouTube Shorts feature that artistically leverages artificial intelligence’s power. Users in the test group can have AI generate images and videos that they can set as their videos’ backgrounds.

Google has updated a YouTube support document highlighting the newly added AI green screen experiment. Dream Screen is currently rolling out to a limited number of users, allowing them to generate images and videos using text prompts. Users can then set the AI-generated media as the backgrounds of their Shorts.