• As part of the June 2024 Pixel Feature Drop, the Pixel Watch 2 now supports Car Crash Detection and Bicycle Fall Detection.
  • Both safety features use your smartwatch to determine if you are in an accident and notify emergency services if you don’t cancel the outreach action within some time.
  • Bicycle Fall Detection is also supported on the first-generation Pixel Watch, but Car Crash Detection is not currently supported.

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is an iterative upgrade over the Pixel Watch, but it brings together a cohesive Pixel experience to the smartwatch market. As part of the June 2024 Pixel Feature Drop, Google is bringing new safety features to the Pixel Watch 2, pitching it as a wholesome companion to your smartphone with that quintessential Pixel magic.

Google has announced that the Pixel Watch 2 now gets Car Crash Detection. This feature has been available on Pixel smartphones and is now available on the latest smartwatch, too. If your Pixel Watch 2 determines that you are in a severe car crash, it will call emergency services at 911, notify your emergency contacts, and share your real-time location. You will have time to cancel the call to avoid an accidental trigger.