• Google is testing an update to the Pixel Launcher that enables Circle to Search to work in split-screen mode.
  • On Pixel devices currently, Circle to Search doesn’t work while in split-screen mode.
  • The feature lets you tap, scribble, or draw a circle over any text or image on the screen that you want to look up on Google Search.

I frequently search the web through Google Search each day, which is why I think Circle to Search is one of the best Android features Google has made in years. If you come across some text or image you want to look up, all you need to do is press and hold on the navigation pill at the bottom to bring up Circle to Search on almost any screen.

The key phrase there is almost any screen because there are some areas where Circle to Search won’t work, either because the app blocks it or because the feature itself doesn’t support it. For instance, Circle to Search currently doesn’t work when you have two apps side-by-side in split-screen mode, at least on Google Pixel phones. That could change in the near future, though.