google pixel 4 xl revisited assistant

Credit: Oliver Cragg / Android Authority
  • Google Assistant’s quick phrases feature is now available on some Android devices.
  • The feature allows users to skip the “Ok/Hey Google” hotword to answer calls or dismiss alarms.

Greeting Google Assistant before answering a phone call or dismissing an alarm soon won’t be a requirement. The voice assistant is now gaining quick phrases, a feature that will allow users to issue commands without saying, “Hey Google.”

As first detailed in September, quick phrases will allow Assistant to react to commands without the need for a hotword. Notably, XDA-Developers describes how these commands can be as brief as one word to control phone calls or alarms. For instance, users can command “Answer” or “Decline” for incoming phone calls without additional activation prompts. The same goes for alarms. Barking “Snooze” or “Stop” delays or cancels the ringer. Google is reportedly planning several additional commands, too, for controlling music, timers, and smart home items, jotting down notes, and setting reminders.