ChatGPT stock photo 71

Credit: Calvin Wankhede / Android Authority
  • ChatGPT’s latest beta on Android allows users to start chatting with the chatbot instantly without signing into the app.
  • However, the experience without logging in remains fairly limited. Users must sign up or sign in to get more features.

It’s safe to say that ChatGPT has revolutionized how people search and what they think of search engines. Thanks to this chatbot from OpenAI, many people now have a digital assistant at their fingertips. However, to use ChatGPT, you need to sign in with an email account, Google account, or Apple account on iOS. That could soon change, as the AI assistant opens itself up to use without needing an account on mobile.

OpenAI announced in April that users can use ChatGPT instantly without needing to sign up for the AI service. This was in reference to the web version of the AI assistant. As Android Authority contributor AssembleDebug spotted, ChatGPT’s v1.2024.136 (beta) on Android lets you start talking and taking help from the chatbot without needing an account.