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Portable gaming has taken off once more with the abundance of mobile titles, more powerful phones, and portable consoles like the Nintendo Switch. But one gaming company is sorely missed from the mobile arena. Sony has a long history of offering portable gaming systems, with the Vita and the PSP coming to mind. But what if the firm launched a new PlayStation portable console? Would you like to see this happen?

We asked our readers this exact question in a recent poll. Find the results below.

Would you like to see a new PlayStation portable console?


We saw just under 1,200 votes on this poll since it was published on August 28. Readers had a pick between two options, but judging by the results, we barely needed a second choice at all.

In total, a whopping 94% of respondents would like to see a new PlayStation portable console, making this one of the more one-sided polls we’ve seen in quite some time. Just 71 (6%) respondents opposed this idea.

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The argument for a new PlayStation portable is exciting. Sony could use its bountiful PS4 and PS5 libraries, add user-expandable storage via microSD cards to the device, and introduce the DualSense controller’s smart haptics, too. Those against seemingly don’t want to carry yet another console around or argue that Sony’s smartphones could possibly take the place of a new PlayStation portable.

Find some more reader responses and opinions below.

Your comments

  • blindexecutioner: No back touchpad or trackpad at all. People want buttons. This wouldn’t be replacing a mouse and keyboard. I agree about the storage for sure. It also needs to be about $250 or less.
  • Jason Laird: Truth is, nobody wants to carry one around when you can just pull out your phone. That and the fact that they will always use some dumb proprietary memory card.
  • godisafairytale: Sony already makes phones. Very good, powerful phones that can handle even the most demanding Android games with ease. And which play well with Dual Shock 4 controllers. Why would they cannibalize their own products? They could open up PSNow to Android (perhaps exclusive to Xperia phones) and make Dualsense compatible, and tap into the mobile market for way less money.
  • Techngro: I still own my PS Vita. It’s modded and has all the hacks installed. But it mainly just sits doing nothing. Had so many PSPs. I used to mod them and sell them. The Vita was such a great design, but Sony abandoned it too early, or maybe they never really had any intention of supporting it long-term in the first place. I would love to see a new handheld though. One to compete with the Switch. Or at least give the ability to cast your game to a large screen. And yes, non-proprietary storage is a must. That was a huge problem with both the PSP and the Vita.
  • lsatmata: Next PSP (if Sony ever make it) must use a downscale PS5 technology. the problem with a portable console is physical media. Nintendo Switch using cartridge is actually making developer/publisher paid more than a BD because cartridge is using NOR flash and it’s way more expensive than NAND flash. on top of that, Macronix, the biggest NOR flash manufacturer still cant produce a 64 GB cartridge, even Nintendo avoiding 32 GB cartridge because it’s expensive.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for your votes and comments. If you have any additional thoughts, be sure to drop a comment don below.