the google pixel 5a camera module and fingerprint sensor

Credit: Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

The Google Pixel 5a‘s arrival might have been dulled by the early Google Pixel 6 series reveal. The mid-range phone packs plenty of improvements over its predecessor. But while it seems a balanced prospect on paper, is the Pixel 5a hot?

We posed this to our readers in a recent poll. Here are the results.

Google Pixel 5a: Hot or not?


Over 1,300 votes were cast on this poll. The majority of our readers believe the Pixel 5a is indeed “hot.” Just under 61% of readers selected this choice. However, not everyone feels this way. 39.1% of readers feel otherwise.

It’s understandable why readers would love the Pixel 5a. It brings a larger battery with a metal build and an IP rating improving longevity and durability.

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For those focused on the negatives, the Pixel 5a still uses a 60Hz display, lagging behind phones in its price range. You’re also not getting a chipset upgrade, RAM/storage upgrade, or main camera sensor improvements. Essentially, if you own a Pixel 4a, there aren’t many reasons to upgrade.

But what do readers have to say?

Your comments

  • andres_1: Would probably have been a unanimous “hot” result had Google added at least a 90 Hz screen.
  • naduh: Imo the pixel 5a is just another underwhelming Google phone. However, if you are in the market for a pure Android experience without breaking bank or looking to upgrade from a pixel 1 or 2, then get it.
  • St. John from Des Moines: Odds are better than 90% I’ll still opt for the 6 Pro this fall…..but I gotta admit, I’m so impressed with the 5a as a budget option that there is a very slim chance I’ll save me some money and just go for it instead.
  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin: Definitely Hot for me. About time we have a Pixel phone with a headphone jack and IP rating. I don’t care much about the unchanged chipset, it is still fast in 2021. Even the 60Hz screen doesn’t bother me at all since I never go beyond 60Hz other than mobile gaming.
  • Varusal: Guess it depends on the point of view. If you are looking for a cheaper phone, it’s not too bad (especially the software support). But if you already have a Pixel 4a / 5G then the 5a is a bit of a letdown. Maybe the Pixel 6a (fingers crossed) will feature a bit more for the same price.
  • jury_rigger: No 90Hz, no sale.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for voting and commenting. If you have any thoughts about the Pixel 5a or the results of this poll? Be sure to drop them down below.