Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 angled screen open couch

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Samsung is betting heavily on foldable phones, going so far as to skip the Galaxy Note flagship in favor of the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Fold 3 devices. In fact, mobile chief TM Roh went so far as to say that foldables are “the new mainstream.”

Is this something our readers agree with, though? We asked Android Authority readers whether they thought foldables are indeed “the new mainstream,” and here’s how you voted.

Are foldables really the “new mainstream” for smartphones?


We posted this poll on August 13, and just over 3,300 votes were counted until now. The most popular result? Well, 41% of respondents said foldables weren’t the new mainstream yet but that they would be.

Looking at the current foldable landscape, this is an understandable choice. The most popular foldables today don’t seem to be hitting numbers comparable to popular flagship phones. We also doubt that the majority of people are actually seeing plenty of foldables in the wild. Still, more brands are hopping aboard in 2021. So it looks like the only way is up in terms of sales figures.

Our verdict: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 review — No Note replacement, but a fine foldable

Meanwhile, 32.6% of readers say foldables aren’t the new mainstream at all. Comments suggest that the weight and thickness, durability, battery life, and pricing are all working against foldables gaining mainstream status.

Finally, 26.2% of respondents say foldables are indeed the new mainstream. I can totally see why readers would vote for this option. After all, devices like the Galaxy Z Fold series are heavier, more expensive, and have fragile screens compared to traditional smartphones, but the ability to have a tablet in your pocket is a great plus.


  • Techngro: Not until the price comes down.
  • Leo: Only after Apple comes up two years from now with a foldable iPhone calling “overlaping screen” or some bs like that and saying that its their big innovation.
  • Melissa K: Only issue I have had with my Z2, *knock on wood*… phone mounts. I shoot content videos and cannot use this phone on a tri-pod nor gimbal mount (Ronin SC). Suuuper aggravating. ((It’s too thick when closed)) I have found one car mount that holds it securely! …Unfortunately, it comes crashing down every so often due to the weight of the phone. If we “mainstream” foldables, can we please have the accessories for them?!?
  • Thomas Waznis: Less price and more memory needed first
  • eszklar: Pricing is the key for me. A “mainstream” price point of say $1000 US makes this more viable for adoption. Whether Samsung releases a “non-premium” Flip/Fold, Microsoft drops price for the Duo 2 or Google enters the foldable game at $1000 remains to be seen. We’ll have to see.
  • Robert Palmar: I think Samsung’s mobile chief meant foldables are the new mainstream in addition to other mainstream. He was thinking more of the class of devices for foldables. Since the prices are coming down to Earth foldables are no longer to be considered exclusive devices and are more mainstream like other mainstream phones.
  • Igor Božović: Those like Z flip would eventually become cheap and durable enough to go mainstream. Heck, they’re in Star Trek
  • Joe Black: I would say: No matter the price, I will not care for it for a looong loong time – since the price, the size, durability, battery life etc. all those things are compromised. When I have something that works, and I want to replace it with something … it kinda makes sense that “the new thing” should be better … an upgrade … and it’s currently far from being better than the standard handset.
  • anonymous 42: Sure, when Apple finally makes a foldable iPhone or iPad.

Thanks for voting in this poll and for leaving comments! What would it take for foldables to become more popular than traditional flagship phones? Let us know below!