Huawei P40 Pro front

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Curved smartphone screens aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. The design trait is gorgeous to look at but also sacrifices some practicality. However, a new patent design stemming from Huawei seemingly intends to address both issues.

The firm’s latest filing describes a smartphone with a screen that covers both edges of the device. There are no buttons. Instead, a pressure-sensitive system is used and would allow users to control volume, access other menus, or even read status information.

Following the patent’s surfacing, we wanted to gauge our readers’ thoughts on the device in a recent poll. Here are the results.

What do you think of Huawei’s curved display patent design?


We saw just short of 3,000 votes on this poll, which is remarkable considering Huawei’s fall from grace and, therefore, public interest. That said, the firm can seemingly still produce designs that interest consumers. 65.8% of readers also admit that they “love” Huawei’s curved display patent design. Only 34.2% “hate” it.

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Judging by the comments, those in the “love it” camp appreciate Huawei’s reimagination of the design. Others note that they do, in fact, like curved displays in general. Those questioning the design seemingly feel that protecting the device would be tough. Not only that, it would likely be more fragile as the display overlaps around the phone’s edges, too.

Either way you view it, there are many comments both for and against radically curved displays on smartphones. Read some of these differing opinions below.

Your comments

  • Mikko Saarinen: For me, the most important aspect of the side buttons is their tactile feel. You should know what button you are pushing without looking at the phone. On the other hand, I rarely use a phone without any protective case, so a fully wrapping display would be difficult if not impossible in a case.
  • Drone9: At least they’re pushing the boundaries of things to expand on. Unlike American companies pushing the boundaries of things to remove/charge consumers with.
  • MBII: Who says flat screens are a fan favorite? I loved the curved display on my Motorola Edge until Android 11 made it unusable.
  • Teo Harves: How would a phone protection cover work. I am always dropping mine, so not convinced it would be for me.
  • B. Niess: This is a nightmare for developers, haptics, battery, stability, and probably more. Looks cool nonetheless.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for voting and commenting. Have any additional thoughts? Be sure to drop a line below.