Microsoft Surface Duo 2 In Hand

Credit: Microsoft

Microsoft launched the Surface Duo 2 last week boasting several improvements over its predecessor. Microsoft has seemingly addressed all the concerns raised by its first attempt, from the displays to the chipset, camera hardware, and battery capacity. But is the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 hot?

We posed this question to our readers in a recent poll, and the results are now in.

Surface Duo 2: Hot or not?


Over 2,300 readers voted on this poll which was first published on September 24. 68.1% of respondents believe the Surface Duo 2 is “hot.” However, a fair portion (31.9%) aren’t convinced.

Microsoft hasn’t done much to the dual-screen phone’s core design which users could see as regression rather than a positive. It’s also $100 pricier than its predecessor, which pushes it ever closer to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. While the hardware also sees a considerable upgrade, several readers question Microsoft’s software commitments.

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However, it’s understandable that nearly two-thirds of our readers find the new edition attractive. The Surface Duo 2 now packs a denser pair of displays with a 90Hz refresh rate. The Snapdragon 888 is another massive upgrade over the Snapdragon 855 in the previous model, as is the 4,449mAh battery. Finally, the flagship offering is completed by a triple camera array at the rear, which should massively improve the imaging experience of the phone.

But what do readers think of the phone? Peruse some of the choice comments below.

Your comments

  • Shizuma: While I love the concept of the Duo, I have the original Duo, the software is a buggy mess and Microsoft has basically given no support at all in fixing the issues and the price is simply way too damn high for what’s basically a normal phone with a 2nd screen stuck to the side as opposed to an expensive folding screen phone. I do prefer the dual screen over the folding single big screen as multi-tasking is just way better, but not at $1500+, maybe if it started at $999 for the base model, I’ll wait for the fire sale on the Duo 2 before picking one up.
  • Tennisfreak: High price. Duo 1 is over a year out of date on its version of Android, does not give me confidence in Duo 2 especially for $1500 friggin dollars.
  • Jonathan Bishop: It’s enough of an upgrade that I’m seriously considering getting one as my next phone, after deciding the first gen wasn’t good enough last year. The concept of the Duo is still unique, and I’d think anyone who sees the value in a dual-screen (as opposed to a folding single screen) phone will take interest. I also suspect it’ll sell better than the first gen.
  • Matthew: As a Duo one owner, The camera bump is a deal breaker. You will not be able to hold the device with one hand while taking a photo with the camera system. This device did not need a flagship camera, just a better one. Microsoft ruined the form factor in listening to the YouTube whiners.
  • Techngro: I love the idea, but not the price. But I do appreciate Microsoft taking a risk and continuing the development of a different type of device. And if they took it one step further and created Windows 11 mobile for it, I would seriously consider buying one (used).
  • Joshua Polite: If the software is fixed I’m in. The price is fine it’s a high end device. I will trade in my fold 3 and get that.
  • Arun Topez: I appreciate that Microsoft actually listened to all the feedback and actually gave it a beefy hardware update. And they made the dual screens useful in camera mode too. But I’m a little skeptical since they didn’t give any demo units out. So maybe the software isn’t ready yet. I’ll wait until some real life feedback. But Kudos to MS for following through! I’m sure dual-screen devices from all companies will lower in the next few years, but now it’s still early.
  • Ross Peden: I like the form factor except for 1 big drawback – it doesn’t have any external screen (even a small one would do) so to operate as a phone you essentially have to open it up each call — a deal breaker for me.

That’s it for this poll. Thanks for your votes and comments. Have any further thoughts? Be sure to drop a comment below.