Opinion post by
Rita El Khoury

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is official and at its helm is the Galaxy S23 Ultra, one of the biggest, baddest, and most powerful Android smartphones we’ve ever seen. The crown jewel of Samsung’s flagship? That new 200MP camera sensor on the back. It’s 92 more megapixels than its predecessor’s measly 108MP sensor and Samsung can’t stop singing its praises. What the company didn’t emphasize is that the front-facing sensor dropped from 40MP on the Galaxy S22 Ultra to 12MP on the S23 Ultra. Oh, well, ಠ_ಠ.

Look, I realize how silly this article and my premise are. We’re some of the first people to criticize empty claims of megapixel counts that don’t amount to much in the real world — looking at you, 200MP snapper on the Motorola Edge 30. We’re also perfectly aware that sensor size plays a bigger role in capturing light and improving output quality. And we’ve spent a lot of time looking at the benefits of post-processing and computational photography versus sheer megapixel counts. So why are we bringing this up?