xfinity mobile phone

Credit: Xfinity
  • Xfinity Mobile is launching revamped Unlimited plans.
  • Unlimited plans start at $40 per line, with $25 per line for four lines.
  • Unlimited and Unlimited Plus now offer more premium data.

Two years ago, Xfinity Mobile introduced two new Unlimited plans (Unlimited Intro and Unlimited Plus). Now the company is revamping its Unlimited plans once again to add extra savings and data.

Xfinity Mobile has announced it’s relaunching its Unlimited plans, reducing the number of options from three plans to two. This new plan structure gets rid of Unlimited Intro and Unlimited Premium to introduce Unlimited and reintroduce Unlimited Plus. A spokesperson for the Comcast-owned brand says that the revamped plans take the best features of all three tiers while simplifying the plans for our customers.