xbox series x all digital

Credit: Microsoft
  • Microsoft has refreshed its Xbox Series S and X lineup with a few new minor variants.
  • There’s a new color for the Series X, new storage variants for both the Series X and Series S, and a discless model.
  • These will launch during the holiday 2024 season, though you’ll likely be able to place a pre-order in the next few months.

While many gamers await the much anticipated PlayStation 5 Pro, Microsoft has introduced a few new options of its own. There isn’t a new Xbox Pro model or anything just yet, but for the first time, we are getting an all-digital Xbox Series X.

The new all-digital version, available in Robot White, offers 1TB of storage and all the speed and performance of the standard Xbox Series X. The new model looks very similar to the regular hardware; the only major difference is the absence of a disc drive. This model will retail for $449.99, which represents a $50 savings over the disc drive version.