Windows 11 has been around for about two years now, which means it won’t be wrong to start thinking about how the next version of Windows will shape up. Microsoft is already working on Windows 12, and here is our wishlist of what we would like to see on the next OS update for PCs and laptops!

When you look at the major OS players like Apple and Google, it’s clear that their vision is to have their OS do everything on every device. Android is designed to be run on a wide variety of hardware, and Apple brings a significant amount of feature parity across its ecosystem.

To that end, it feels like Windows is a step behind, and with Windows 12, we’d like this to change. There’s very little reason why Windows as a modern OS cannot also bring in features we are so used to seeing on our iPhones and Android phones. There’s also little reason why Windows shouldn’t be at the forefront of being a modern OS either, so we’d definitely love to see Microsoft’s innovation at play here.