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It’s a show that is arguably one of the best superhero series on television right now, but so far, only a few devoted fans even know it exists. Doom Patrol flew under the radar for its first two seasons. However, Doom Patrol season 3 is getting close to dropping on the HBO Max streaming service, so now is the perfect time to learn more about the series. 

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So when does Doom Patrol season 3 begin? What is this show all about? Read on to find out, and then go check out HBO Max to watch the first two seasons before Season 3 stars. You can sign up for HBO Max now at the link below:

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When does Doom Patrol season 3 begin?

HBO Max will begin showing the third season of Doom Patrol on September 23, with its first three episodes. The remaining new episodes will be released every week. Based on the teaser trailer for season 3, the series will resolve its huge cliffhanger. It will also introduce viewers to some more characters from the Doom Patrol’s comic book history. That includes the Brain (a living human brain inside a cylinder) and Monsieur Mallah (a large French-talking gorilla). Actor Michelle Gomez (Doctor Who, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) will also appear in the season as Madame Rouge. 

What is Doom Patrol, anyway?

doom patrol comic

Credit: Warner Bros

The series is based on a fairly obscure DC Comics superhero comic book, compared to Superman, Batman, Justice League, or Suicide Squad. The title refers to a team of rather quirky superhumans that label themselves as outcasts and freaks rather than heroic figures. They are brought together by a man known as The Chief to fight off evil superhumans. The first incarnation of the Doom Patrol team was created by writers Arnold Drake and Bob Haney and drawn by artist Bruno Premiani. The team debuted in one of DC Comics’ anthology titles, My Greatest Adventure, for issue 80 in 1963. The team later got its own self-titled comic book.

Since its first appearance, various incarnations of the Doom Patrol team have been created by different writers and artists. However, the TV show gets most of its inspiration from the run of Doom Patrol that was written by Grant Morrison and drawn primarily by Richard Case. That creative team’s run on the second volume of Doom Patrol from 1989 through 1993 (issues 19-63) shook up the comic’s status quo. Morrison and Case brought in magic realism and surrealism elements in their stories and characters, along with parodies of other popular comics of that time period.

What is the TV show all about?

The TV series was developed by its showrunner Jeremy Carver. He worked as a writer, producer, and eventual showrunner for the popular CW series Supernatural. He also developed the US version of the series Being Human for the Syfy Channel. Previously, an episode of another DC Comics show, Titans, introduced a version of the Doom Patrol, with some of the same actors that were later cast in the Doom Patrol TV series. However, both shows are considered to be in separate universes and continuities. In other words, you don’t need to watch that Titans episode for your Doom Patrol binge-watching.

The regular cast members for the current Doom Patrol TV series include:

  • The Chief (Dr. Niles Caulder) – Played by Timothy Dalton, The Chief is a medical doctor with paraplegia. He brings together the members of the Doom Patrol in his manor to help them with their various issues.
  • Jane – Played by Diane Guerrero, Jane has 64 different personalities. However, each personality has its own super ability. 
  • Elastic-Girl (Rita Farr) – Played by April Bowlby, Rita can change her body form. However, she also has occasional issues with keeping her body solid.
  • Negative Man (Larry Trainor) – Voiced by Matt Bomer and played physically by Matthew Zuk, Larry is a former Air Force pilot. Once, while flying his jet, his body was taken over by a negative spirit creature. Larry has to bandage his entire body to keep the spirit’s radiation from affecting others.
  • Robotman (Cliff Steele) – Voiced by Brendan Fraser and played physically by Riley Shanahan, Cliff is a former race car driver who gets in a terrible vehicle accident. His brain is still alive but inside a robot body.
  • Cyborg (Vic Stone) – Played by Joivan Wade, Cyborg is perhaps the most well-known character in this cast due to his high-profile appearance in the big-budget Justice League movie from a few years ago. In his Doom Patrol version, the man with mostly cybernetic parts is not yet a member of the Justice League. However, Vic joins the Doom Patrol due to his past friendship with The Chief.

Doom Patrol season 1 debuted on the DC Universe streaming service in 2019. Without giving much away, the first season has the team going up against the villain Mr. Nobody, played by Alan Tudyk, and the team members learn some secrets that the Chief has been keeping from them. The second season debuted on both DC Universe and HBO Max, as the team deals with a new and unexpected member that has very close ties to The Chief. The second season ends on a huge, previously unplanned cliffhanger because the creative team had to cut the season short due to the Covid-19 outbreak shutting down its production early.

Warner Bros has since shut down the DC Universe streaming service, but you can stream both seasons of Doom Patrol right now on HBO Max.

That’s all you need to know about Doom Patrol season 3 that’s coming very soon to HBO Max. We will update this post when more info is revealed.