English WhatsApp UI Refresh Updates

Credit: WhatsApp
  • WhatsApp is introducing a new color palette and updated icons, illustrations, and chat background.
  • The Android app is getting a bottom navigation bar.
  • A new attachment layout is coming to iOS.

WhatsApp has seen numerous adjustments to its design over the years, with the last major change occurring in 2021. The company has now refreshed the app once again. While some of the changes have already rolled out to the iOS and Android app, there are some new changes as well.

Today, WhatsApp announced it is updating the appearance of its platform to help keep it looking fresh, simple, and approachable. To do this, the firm has applied a variety of changes, one of the most notable being a new color palette. Along with having a more consistent green palette, WhatsApp says they have also increased the usage of neutral colors, which it claims allows it to be more selective about where and how the green is used throughout the app.