The HUAWEI Pura 70 Pro in hand.

Credit: Paul Jones / Android Authority
  • A new teardown of the Pura 70 Pro has revealed that HUAWEI is using more Chinese suppliers.
  • The most notable change is the switch to locally packaged storage from South Korean-sourced chips.

A trade ban has forced HUAWEI to be more self-sufficient if it hopes to keep producing smartphones. The manufacturer already turned heads when it launched the Mate 60 Pro late last year, featuring a 5G-enabled in-house chipset. Now, it looks like a teardown of the Pura 70 series reveals HUAWEI’s efforts at self-sufficiency too.

A teardown of the Pura 70 Pro commissioned by Reuters has revealed that the company is using more Chinese suppliers this time. The most notable new, domestically made component is the NAND storage. The outlet reports that the storage was likely packaged by HUAWEI’s HiSilicon chip division.