Best Wachowski Films

Credit: Frederick Blichert / Android Authority

Filmmaking sister duo Lana and Lilly Wachowski will likely forever be remembered (and beloved) for their culture-defining 1999 cyperpunk classic The Matrix. And they should be, certainly. But their entire body of work, without exception, is fascinating and full of absolute gems. With a new Matrix film heading to theaters and HBO Max later this year (sans Lilly), it’s a great time to revisit their work. So what are the best Wachowski movies? How do they compare with The Matrix? How do they rank against each other?

From box-office bombs to high-octane anime adaptations, science fiction epics to powerful allegories for transgender identities, the Wachowskis sisters’ films are all over the map while still sticking to several important throughlines. Their films question authority, challenge capitalism, interrogate human identity, and can be read through a queer lens — with their work frequently challenges biological determinism, and characters choosing their fates in opposition to prescriptive systems of power.