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Popular news this week

Netflix icon on the homescreen of the HTC 10.


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 unfolded with home screen


Weekly Wonder

IBM Simon

Our own Robert Triggs’ piece about how Android came to be Android got us thinking about the words we use for the tech we all rely on — and we wondered: When did we first start using the word “smartphone”? 

  • Even though most of us didn’t use or hear the word “smartphone” until Apple launched the first-gen iPhone in 2007, the first true smartphone landed 15 years earlier, back in 1992 — the year AOL went public (CNBC).
  • IBM’s Simon Personal Communicator, or “Simon”, a hybrid cell phone and PDA was a not-so-portable brick costing $899 (around $1,435 today, for which you could — almost — bag a new Galaxy Z Fold 3) (Business Insider).
  • With Simon’s 4.5 x 1.4-inch monochrome LCD touchscreen and stylus, you could send emails and faxes, or page someone with a number code or text message on your handy porta-brick. Amazing. (r/90s)

Tech Calendar

  • September 8: Lenovo Tech World 2021
  • September 13: Android 12?
  • September 15: Xiaomi Launch Event @ 5AM PT/8AM ET/1PM BST (possibly Xiaomi Mi 12, Mi 11T, Mi Pad 5, Mi Note 11)
  • Also in September: As many as three Apple events? (iPhone 13, Watch Series 7, MacBooks, AirPods 3, more)

Tech Tweet of the Week

First: @Gallowboob is back, this time coining the term “brailing”. Turns out there’s a railing on a gazebo in Naples, Italy with braille describing the view for blind people. Wonder what it says?

Second: What’s new? Oh, not much, just this rat playing a harmonica. Not sure why, but it’ll definitely brighten your day.

— Living Morganism (@ok_girlfriend) — August 27, 2021


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