Pixel 7 Pro Xperia 5 IV Yes No

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Google’s Pixel 7 Pro is a worthy winner of our Reader’s Choice for best camera phone of 2022. But as well as polling our beloved readership, we asked our Android Authority team members to vote in the same blind shootout as well.

Turns out, we’re enamored with the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera too. In fact, we’re smitten with it even more than you folks; we scored it a whopping 4.39/5 on average compared to your more critical 3.82. More than half the staff asked awarded the handset maximum points, and no one scored it below a three. By comparison, our readers were much harder to please. Not just with the Pixel, but in general too. You weren’t afraid to hand out low scores, and we certainly can’t fault you for having high standards. Either way, it’s nice to see we all agree on the Pixel as a solid photography pick.