Google Tensor chip logo phone in hand

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • Google’s first custom Tensor processor for Pixel phones has apparently been delayed.
  • The company’s so-called Redondo SoC was poised to be the first custom Tensor chip.
  • It’s believed Google has shelved this processor in favor of a new custom chip called Laguna.

Google teamed up with Samsung for the Tensor series of chipsets, currently powering all Pixel phones from the Pixel 6 series onwards. These processors are semi-custom designs, effectively being Samsung Exynos processors with some Google components (e.g. machine learning silicon) added to the mix.

Now, a new report by The Information (paywalled) has apparently detailed Google’s efforts to produce a fully custom chipset for its Pixel phones. And it sounds like it hasn’t been a smooth process.