Samsung Galaxy Fold 3 slightly folded

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 might be the best foldable phone we’ve ever seen so far on paper, owing to the improved screen durability, water resistance, and S Pen compatibility. It doesn’t hurt that the phone is actually a little cheaper than its predecessor.

Are all of these factors enough to convince you that we’re looking at a great device though? We asked you if the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is hot or not, and here’s how you answered the question.

Galaxy Z Fold 3: Hot or not?


We posted the poll on August 11, and a total of 2,057 votes were cast until now. A grand total of just over 60% of readers indeed think that the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is a hot device. It seems like people who voted for this option are the silent majority, as most of the comments were negative towards Samsung’s new foldable. But a couple of comments do indeed express interest in the device though.

Meanwhile, just under 40% of respondents don’t care for the Galaxy Z Fold 3, voting “not” as a result. Comments suggest that some readers are disappointed with the camera system, price, and the S Pen implementation.

There is some truth to all of these complaints though, as you’re looking at cameras that haven’t changed much over the Z Fold 2 (save for the under-display selfie camera), a $1,800 price tag (cheaper than its predecessor but still expensive), and S Pen implementation that’s no match for the Note series.


  • PhoenixWitti: Compromised cameras and compromised Note features. No thanks.
  • piensa: Pricey, very pricey, for starters… I am not sold on the idea of foldables … at least not now… why? Because of hinges… those things are going to break sooner or later…but will break. And after ponying up $1,700 bucks… surely it would hurt. Of course warranties and real dependable repairs are just illusions, once it breaks, it’s broken for ever… So, no Samsung, not this time again…. I’ll also wait for the Pixel 6 PRO.. .and see how it goes….
  • Karl: No thank you. Look at how thick it is when folded. I’d take a rollabke phone instead.
  • Paul: No s pen included as standard. 2019 camera at best. Heavy (2 phones heavy) overpriced. Massive fold line. No thanks. Will look at pixel 6 Pro as still no note 21. Samsung you’ve got it wrong.
  • Pinhead117: I get unhappy with the PET film screen. Seems cheap to use plastic at this price point. I would be interested when they develop a folding screen with real tempered glass and it will be eventually. Samsung always the innovator…
  • TheRealCBONE: If you’re coming from the Fold2, there’s no compelling reason to upgrade unless you absolutely have to have the IPX8, I guess. That being said, I’m coming from the 21+ and my wife has a Fold2, and that phone is great. This one will work superbly for what I want. Pre-ordered today and got the pen case, pen, and 2 chargers for free.
  • Stefan Magnusson: Hanging on to my Note 10 + as long as i can. But after that this is my new phone

Thanks for voting in our poll and for leaving comments! What would it take for you to buy a foldable phone? Let us know in the comments below.