iPhone 13 colors

Credit: Apple

Apple launched the new iPhone 13 lineup just last week. The company’s latest Android flagship competitors come in four flavors — iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max. While Apple presented the new iPhones with much aplomb, some may argue that they offer very few upgrades over last year’s iPhone 12 models. We conducted a poll on our website to know what Android Authority readers think of the new iPhones. Here’s are the results.

Is the iPhone 13 series hot or not?


The results of our iPhone 13 series likeability poll are pretty straightforward. Our readers are not impressed by Apple’s new lineup. 80% of almost 2,500 respondents voted to say that this batch of iPhones isn’t hot. 20% disagreed and are happy with what Apple has put on the table.

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As we mentioned before, the iPhone 13 series isn’t a very significant upgrade, especially if you’re already using a comparable iPhone 12 model or even an Android flagship. Yes, the company has managed to revamp the cameras on the lower models, slim down the notch, introduce some nifty features like Cinematic Mode and a 120Hz refresh rate on the pro models, and of course, add in the new A15 Bionic chip. However, these changes are apparently not enough to impress our readers who wanted to see Apple push for USB-C support, faster charging, and a better software experience. Here’s what they had to say.

What you had to say

dooms_day: Apple fanboys always say that they just “refine” or “perfect” a feature available on other phones. That’s all the excuses they can make to justify a phone with lackluster features at a steep price. Not to mention they’re sticking to lightning when they even use type C on the new Apple Watch’s charger as well as the iPad Mini. Apple really loves keeping the sheep inside the walled garden.

thesecondsight: As I’ve said several times before, if you want to be told what “you can’t do” on your phone, buy an iPhone. If you want freedom, buy Android.

Inflatablemon: Still held back by lightning connector while the rest of the tech world enjoys USB-C.

EasyCare: Was expecting USB-C and Touch ID, but no, didn’t happen. Also, 120hz display in Pro models only kinda sucks as well. Let’s see Pixel 6 next.

Joe Black: Same old same old, only the display and bigger battery are new. Mini probably will remain the best iPhone in my eyes, other than that … don’t care even the slightest + iOS is barely moving in any direction, which is not awful if you like your iOS, but if you find iOS lacking as I do, there is little reason to even consider iPhones.

Marshall: As has been the case for me since the iPhone 7, iOS is the weakest link. It’s a pity because most of Apple’s post-iBend6Plus hardware efforts have been decent, and that’s leaving aside the obvious SoC advantages.

William D: I keep a Pixel around but until an Android phone gets updated for more than 2-3 years I will stick to my iPhones. My 12 is awesome and my 6s still kicks arse with a new free battery 5 years later. 6s is still getting support.

Brett: Refresh the design. The notch is looking outdated. In a time where screens have hole punches and under-screen cameras. I get that the tech for the Face ID is better than the ones on Android but you’ve had 4 years to figure out a better solution.