Smart home tech has evolved a lot over the years and has become commonplace in many homes. From smart security cameras to smart locks, smart speakers to smart displays, and even smart coffee makers — there’s no dearth of smart home devices available. But not everyone is as easily impressed by the smarter way of life. Some people prefer doing things old school, while others might feel their smartphones are more than sufficient to keep them connected.

We wanted to know from our readers where they stand when it comes to smart home gadgets. Do they own any? Do they own many? Here’s how they voted in our recent poll.

How many smart home devices do you have?


Clearly, smart home devices are a big hit with our readers. Only a small fraction (12.9%) of the total 3,259 Android Authority readers voted to say they don’t own any smart home tech at all.

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Meanwhile, a majority of our readers who voted in the poll (71.03%) said that they have five or more smart home devices. That goes to show how popular the category has become with tech enthusiasts. Additionally, over 15% of the voters own anywhere between one to four smart home gadgets.

The comments on our poll shed more light on just how enthusiastic our readers are about smart home devices.

What you had to say

Luc Lafreniere: 12 Google speakers, easily over 30 smart switches/dimmers, over 10 smart plugs, 2 smart TVs, 1 smart fireplace, 2 smart garage door openers, 1 Nest Yale lock, remote thermometer for our hot tub, 1 Rachio smart watering system, 2 Nest cameras, 1 Hello doorbell, 1 thermostat, 6 led strip lights for our deck, Bond device to control our four wireless ceiling fans, a few Chromecasts. I think that’s it. Yes, I have a problem.

Damien: I’ve got almost a hundred devices. Maybe we should start a smart home anonymous group. Hi, my name is Damien and I am a smart device addict.

Craig Hewitt III: I have 6 in a relatively small house. Once you start, you can’t go back! Every room has one, the living room has 2. 20 total devices.

Dan Drake: I have a rather extensive system, virtually all connected to and controlled by a Smartthings hub. Dozens of smart switches and plugs, both inside & out. Door, window, and even dog-door sensors. Schlage Door locks that keep track of who comes and goes. Two Harmony Hubs controlling two TVs, garage door opener, 3 Nest cameras outside. Nest Thermostat. Nest Protect smoke alarm. Ring doorbell (yeah, I know it should be Nest, but I have just had it that long). A Ring camera that has perched at the edge of my property for years, powered by an attached solar panel. A Rachio sprinkler system. My newest acquisition, a high-end ceiling fan.

DigitalBenny: Me, “Hey Google, turn off everything.” Google, “Okay, turning off 107 things.”

Stanley Kubrick: None. Don’t need them. Not all that long ago we lived without 24/7 internet communications. Makes you wonder how we ever survived as kids without a phone, no map, no texting.

Sidney: Countless Home/Nest minis, two rooms with smart bulbs, each room with a TV also has a Chromecast, one TV has Google TV, and I’m looking to get that new doorbell.

Jon Boi: 10 smart bulbs, Eufy robo-vac, August smart lock, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, and Nest Hub Max. Oh, and all this in the smallest apartment I’ve ever had!

Bigly McLoserPants: I have two Amazon Echo Dots, but they’re not all that smart. I have to constantly reset them because they cease working correctly. I have a couple of smart lights, but again, they often have to be reset. I have a robot vacuum, but it’s dumb and I have to be in the room while it’s running to keep it from getting stuck somewhere. The only thing that works consistently is the non-Amazon (Aqara) curtain motor that links through an Aqara M2 hub.