Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G on the table

Credit: Eric Zeman / Android Authority

Cooling is one of the most underrated aspects of high-end smartphones, as you only really notice poor cooling solutions when pushing the phone to the limit in a sustained fashion. This can happen when filming 8K or 4K/60fps video for a long period of time, or when playing technically demanding games for a while.

A rumor emerged last week, suggesting that Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series might not offer vapor chamber cooling for cost-related reasons. Instead, the firm is tipped to use thermal graphite pads as we’ve seen on the S21 series. But what do readers prefer though? That’s what we asked last week, and here are the results.

Do you care about the cooling tech on the S22 series?


The poll was published on August 24, and over 1,300 votes were counted until now. And it turns out that “I am okay with either” is the most popular single pick among respondents (~41%). This suggests that many people don’t care about the exact cooling solution as long as temperatures are kept in check.

The second most popular pick was for vapor chamber cooling (~37%). Graphite pad cooling only accounted for ~5% of the vote, suggesting that people who do care about specific cooling tech on the Galaxy S22 series have an overwhelmingly favored solution.

Finally, ~16% of respondents said they don’t care about the cooling solution on the Galaxy S22 family. This is an understandable position, as cooling generally isn’t one of the most high-profile features in a smartphone. Other features like screen quality, cameras, charging speeds, battery capacity and more tend to get more attention from consumers and manufacturers.

It’s also interesting to note that just over 57% of respondents said either cooling solution would do or that they didn’t care about the cooling tech at all. Meanwhile, 42% have a specific solution in mind. Looking at it another way entirely, roughly 83% of polled readers want a specific solution or are happy with either.


  • Drone9: The S22 will be sold alongside a separate $199 Galaxy Ice Box.
  • Patrick Mac: I don’t care what they do to the phone but I don’t want it to overheat like the current S21 Ultra Exynos variant, I’ve always asked what’s the use of the 4K and 8K recording if I can’t record a video for more than 5 mins without the phone overheating.
  • Farhan Ahmad Tajuddin: If the upcoming Exynos/Snapdragon chipset is more heat-efficient than the current chipset, that should be fine by me.

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