Google Pixel Fold folding the other way JerryRigEverything

  • YouTuber Zack Nelson performed his iconic durability tests on the Pixel Fold, and the device failed it catastrophically.
  • The phone shut down due to overheating in the burn test.
  • The Pixel Fold was also completely destroyed during the bend test.

Glass slab smartphones have evolved into fairly durable pieces of tech, even if they aren’t completely indestructible. The same cannot be said about foldables just yet. The hinge and moving parts are additional points of failure, and the foldable glass on the inner display feels like it is just waiting to break. Google’s Pixel Fold claims to have the most durable hinge mechanism on a foldable, but it’s still a foldable at the end of the day. What happens when you fold the Pixel Fold the other way? This durability test shows you exactly what happens.

YouTuber Zack Nelson from the JerryRigEverything channel performed his iconic durability tests on the Pixel Fold. Before the test begins, we’re reminded that the Samsung Galaxy Fold series has managed to survive through these durability tests over the years, setting the bar for the rest of the market.