Playing Genshin Impact on the OPPO Watch X or OnePlus Watch 2 1

  • A dev has figured out how to play Genshin Impact on Wear OS smartwatches, thanks to easy sideloading ability and game streaming from the cloud.
  • The process involves sideloading Genshin Impact Cloud onto the smartwatch in supported regions.

Android users these days have a better selection of great smartwatches to choose from, thanks to a resurgence of Wear OS as a capable platform and both Google and OnePlus entering the space. Wear OS 4 may still be judged inferior compared to Apple’s watchOS in polish and fluidity, but it is still more than adequate for most users. But here’s something that you can do on a Wear OS smartwatch that you can’t do on an Apple Watch: play Genshin Impact!

Dev MlgmXyysd figured out how to run Genshin Impact on Wear OS smartwatches. Here’s what the experience is like: