• Viber is rolling out AI-powered chat summaries for group conversations.
  • The feature leverages OpenAI’s technology to condense up to 100 unread messages in a chat quickly.
  • Summaries are generated as bullet points highlighting action items and important discussion threads.

Popular messaging app Viber has announced a new AI-powered chat summarizer feature that offers concise summaries of unread messages in group chats. Using technology from OpenAI, the summarizer can quickly extract essential information from up to 100 unread messages, saving users valuable time.

The AI summaries offer clear bullet-point overviews, pinpointing key decisions, to-do items, and important discussion threads. Viber envisions this streamlining many common scenarios, such as parents tackling complex schedules for their kids’ activities, groups of friends coordinating events, or travel companions finalizing logistical details.