Verizon logo on smartphone, next to other devices (2)

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Verizon experienced an outage in several parts of the US today, though services seem to have been restored for many users now.
  • A common thread between user reports indicates that affected users were using eSIMs, thus affecting iPhone 14 and iPhone 15 users more because of their eSIM-only configurations. Android users with eSIMs are also affected.
  • Verizon support has confirmed the outage in response to user complaints.

We’re hearing reports on social media that Verizon had a noticeable outage in many parts of the US. Many users have been spotted complaining on X (formerly known as Twitter) and Reddit that their Verizon phones did not have service, while some who did had fallen down to LTE with no 5G.

From what I can see on DownDetector, there was a large spike in Verizon outage reports a few hours ago, though that spike has now died down. Verizon’s support handle has confirmed the outage in replies to customers, but has not put out a standalone post informing the public at large about the outage.