A line of the V-moda Hexamove Lite in red, black, and white.

Credit: V-Moda
  • V-Moda has debuted the Hexamove Lite and Hexamove Pro true wireless earbuds.
  • Both the Hexamove Pro and Lite have an IPX5 rating and support high-quality codecs.
  • The V-Moda Hexamove Lite and Hexamove Pro are available now and cost $129.99 and $169.99 respectively.

V-Moda makes some of the toughest headphones on the market, and just released the V-Moda Hexamove Pro and Hexamove Lite earbuds. This is the company’s first foray into the world of true wireless earbuds. Both headsets are for any music lover who needs a durable set of ‘buds that can keep pace with life’s daily, unpredictable demands. With an IPX5 rating and premium build, the Hexamove series could become a new favorite among audio enthusiasts and gym-goers alike.

The V-Moda Hexamove Lite and Pro each include pairs of proprietary BLISS (bass level isolating soft silicone) ear tips and have a similarly sleek, lightweight build. The earbuds share the same six-hour battery life, with an additional 18 hours of battery from the case and both include a carrying pouch. The Hexamove Lite come in three colors: Sand White, black, or red. The Hexamove Pro come in black or white.