• A Pixel phone will soon proactively enlist the user’s help in cooling it down when it’s overheating.
  • The phone will alert the user what actions it’ll take to cool itself down as well as share tips on how the user can help out.
  • New strings within the latest version of Google’s Device Health Services app reveal work on this alert, code-named “Adaptive Thermal.”

Most Android phones are able to keep themselves cool by intelligently regulating their own performance, but there are times when drastic measures need to be taken to prevent damage to internal components. If you’re using your phone outdoors under the hot sun, then naturally, your phone will heat up a lot more than if you were using it indoors. Combine that with the increased power draw from the display needing to ramp up its own brightness to remain visible and the power-hungry 5G modem needing to connect to distant towers, and it’s no wonder that overheating is a problem for some users.

Fortunately for Pixel users, Google has already baked in a couple of anti-overheating features to prevent damage to your phone. For example, Google says on a support page that Pixel phones intentionally limit some functions when they sense they’re too hot. These include throttling performance, slowing down charging speeds, turning off the camera’s LED flash, disabling camera capture, and partially or fully disabling the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection. Google even warns that your phone may automatically turn itself off once it gets dangerously hot, a safety feature that’s quite common on consumer electronics.