Google Gemini logo on smartphone stock photo (1)

Credit: Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority
  • Google has published a new handbook for how to create the best prompts for Gemini in Workspace.
  • The manual says there are four pieces of criteria you should consider when making a prompt: persona, task, context, and format.
  • Prompts that are around 21 words long tend to have the most success.

To get the most out of a chatbot like Gemini, you need to know how to structure a prompt effectively. However, not everyone is an expert in this area. To help on this front, Google just published a crash course on the subject in the form of a 45-page handbook.

Titled “Prompting guide 101,” the manual is designed to help business users hit the ground running when using Gemini. Although the guide was made with Workspace in mind, the tips provided can help average users as well.