apple iphone 14 pro camera app

Credit: Ryan Haines / Android Authority
  • Multiple iPhone users have complained about the latest iOS 17.5 update bringing back photos they deleted years ago.
  • Not all affected users rely on iCloud sync for their photos, suggesting it may be a local storage bug.
  • There’s seemingly no fix available right now beyond manually checking and re-deleting the photos after the update.

iOS 17.5 launched earlier this week, bringing a slew of exciting new features to the latest iPhones. These include a fresh puzzle game, offline Apple News access, and a bug that could end your relationship. Indeed, multiple iPhone users have complained about photos they deleted years ago reappearing in their libraries after installing the update. So, what’s going on?

The issue was first highlighted on Reddit when user Specialist-Fix8528 shared that NSFW photos they took and deleted years ago reappeared after updating to iOS 17.5. The user also faced a similar issue on their iPad, stating that deleted artwork from years earlier resurfaced, too.