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  • After the Netflix password-sharing crackdown, the company has seen significant subscriber growth.
  • Theoretically, a significant portion of people who lost access to Netflix signed up for a new account.
  • This will likely set a precedent for other streaming services to follow.

In the good ol’ days of 2017, the official Netflix Twitter account shared a simple tweet: “Love is sharing a password.” Oh, how times have changed. Back then, Netflix was fine with people sharing passwords with others so multiple people could avoid paying for the service but still enjoy the content.

This year, that all changed. In an effort to boost subscriber growth, the Netflix password-sharing crackdown began. Now, there are numerous limitations to how you use your Netflix account outside of your home. With the dust settling, we now have evidence that the plan worked: subscriber growth skyrocketed right after Netflix instituted the new policy (via The Wall Street Journal).