• Comcast and Charter are launching their own TV streaming hardware.
  • Dubbed the Xumo Box, the device is a rebranded Flex that may include 4K streaming and voice search.
  • It will be available through the cable companies and Walmart later this year.

Consumers have been the big benefactors in the competitive streaming industry, with choices and platforms galore. However, cable companies have felt the adverse effects. Now, intent on clawing back some of the nostalgic market, Comcast and Charter are set to launch their own streaming box.

Dubbed the Xumo Box after the companies’ joint venture, the device is a rebranded Xfinity Flex streaming box that runs on the X1 platform, according to Cord Cutters. That means a limited ecosystem with a Comcast-managed app repository fronted by its free streaming service, Xumo Play. However, the box does support 4K quality media, voice search, and has a relatively pleasant and familiar UI. By all accounts, Xumo Play is a worthwhile option if you’re into older content, too. If this isn’t your cup of tea, the Xumo Box should offer other streaming services, like Netflix and Peacock, and a host of FAST channels.