Dialer photo

Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority
  • Truecaller’s AI Assistant offers features like automatic call answering, message taking, and spam detection.
  • Users can now train the AI Assistant to answer calls using a digital clone of their voice.
  • Previously, users had to choose from seven pre-set digital voices for the assistant.

Truecaller, the popular dialer and spam-blocking app, has introduced a significant upgrade to its AI Assistant feature. The app now allows paid users to create a digital clone of their voice to handle incoming calls. This innovative yet mildly discomforting development results from Truecaller’s collaboration with Microsoft and utilizes the new Personal Voice technology from Azure AI Speech.

Truecaller’s AI Assistant, initially launched in September 2022, boasts an array of AI-driven capabilities, such as automatic call answering, screening, message taking, and call recording. Furthermore, it engages callers to determine the purpose of their call,  filtering out spam with a claimed accuracy exceeding 90%. Previously, users had the option to choose from seven pre-set digital voices for their assistant.