Apple WWDC 2023 vision pro design 6

Credit: Apple
  • In an interview, Tim Cook said the $3,500 price of the Apple Vision Pro XR headset is “a great value.”
  • He also said he doesn’t know if people will be able to afford it.
  • Cook insists that the Vision Pro will help you “live in the future, and you’re going to do it today.”

Yesterday, at WWDC 2023, Apple took the wraps off its first new product in almost eight years: the Vision Pro. This XR headset has some very unique features, including a glass front with an OLED display underneath that shows the user’s eyes and facial expressions.

However, the thing people are most focused on right now is the price. The Apple Vision Pro will cost $3,500, making it the most expensive consumer-focused XR headset on the market. It is roughly 7x more expensive than the Meta Quest 3 and 3.5x as expensive as the Meta Quest Pro, which could be argued is its closest rival in the consumer world.