Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Lightning Cable.jpg

Credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority
  • Certain companies are selling knockoff variants of Apple’s wired Lightning earbuds that require a Bluetooth connection to work.
  • These manufacturers save some money by avoiding Apple’s standards and not relying on the Lightning connection to transmit audio.
  • The wired connection draws power from the connected iPhone, while the Bluetooth chip handles audio transmission.

Today, I learned that on this planet, not in a parallel universe, a mythical creature roams among us. From afar (and even upon closer inspection), it looks just like any pair of wired Lightning earbuds for iPhones. However, concealed deeply within it is a dark secret that only remote villagers know of. It appears that some companies have been selling knockoff wired iPhone earbuds that need Bluetooth to function. You’ve read that right.