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Credit: Joe Hindy / Android Authority
  • Sources claim TikTok is working on creating a clone of its recommendation algorithm that would operate independently of its Chinese counterpart.
  • The work is part of a plan to show US lawmakers that the US business is independent of its Beijing-based parent company.
  • TikTok denies that it is splitting its source code.

A new report claims that TikTok is working to create an independent clone of its source code in an attempt to stay in the US. However, TikTok is denying the report, calling it “misleading” and “factually inaccurate.”

Back in April, a bill was passed and signed into law that requires Beijing-based parent company ByteDance to divest its ownership stake in TikTok to keep the short-form video platform in the US. The bill stems from bipartisan concerns about TikTok’s connection to China and the platform’s influence on its users. To stay in the US without having to sell its business, TikTok has been exploring ways to appease US lawmakers.