Withings U Scan

Credit: Withings
  • Withings announced U-Scan, an at-home urinalysis platform that offers hands-free data collection.
  • The pebble-shaped reader sits inside users’ toilets to automatically capture samples and analyze biomarkers.
  • The device will be available in Europe in mid-2023 for €499.99, with plans to expand to US markets in the future.

Withings is making its way to the most unexpected seat in the house — your toilet. At CES 2023, the company announced a brand-new health device called the U-Scan, which aims to monitor users’ health through urinalysis. The advanced monitor easily attaches inside any toilet, offering convenience and privacy, plus automatic monitoring and actionable insights in the Withings companion app.

Small but mighty, the device can distinguish urine from other liquids.

The pebble-shaped U-Scan is just 90mm but packs the punch of a march larger at-home lab. Small but mighty, the device can distinguish urine from other liquids and even tell the difference between various family members based on urine stream signatures. Which, it turns out, is a real thing. The fact is, urine contains several important biomarkers that offer detailed insights into our overall health. Now Withings is making that data more accessible than ever from the comfort of your bathroom.