• A new dongle dubbed Auto Pro X allows Galaxy device owners to use Dex mode on their car screens.
  • This allows you to use apps that aren’t supported via Android Auto, or to use your car screen as a PC of sorts.
  • The new gadget has already been fully funded on Kickstarter to the tune of $64,000, far surpassing its modest $5,000 goal.

One of the selling points of Samsung phones is the Dex mode, offering a PC-like interface when you connect your phone to an external display. Now, a new gadget promises to bring this experience to your car’s display.

Auto Pro X is a $199 dongle that allows owners of Galaxy devices to wirelessly use Dex mode on their car screens (h/t: Auto Evolution). That means you can get a laptop-like experience on your car’s display. Getting started seems easy, as you plug the dongle into your vehicle’s USB port, tap the “Dex” option in your Galaxy device’s quick settings menu, and that’s it.