Android 15 Pixel 9 Android Satellite Pointing UI (2)

  • Google is preparing to offer satellite connectivity on the Pixel 9 series and is working on the various software parts that will make this feature possible.
  • The Pixel-exclusive Adaptive Connectivity Services app will include a UI to help users connect properly to a nearby active satellite.
  • The UI will guide users in moving their phone to face the satellite, and it can also be minimized into a floating window so that users can use other apps.

Google is expected to launch the Pixel 9 series later this year, and alongside it, we expect to finally catch up to Apple for smartphone satellite connectivity. Google has added satellite connectivity features to Android 15 with the release of Android 15 Developer Preview 2, but you also need supported hardware to use the feature. The Pixel 9 series will be the first to support Android’s native satellite implementation. Now, we have our clearest look at the satellite pointing UI for Pixels, which is crucial to connecting to an active satellite for messaging and other needs.

Nail Sadykov has uncovered the interface Android will present to users when they attempt to connect to a satellite. This interface is part of the Adaptive Connectivity Services app, which is a Pixel-exclusive app, meaning that this is what you will see on Pixel UI on the Pixel 9 series.