• An app called Precise Volume has replicated the redesigned volume panel UI in Android 15.
  • Android 15’s new volume panel interface hasn’t been released yet, so this app is like a sneak peek at the new UI.
  • Enabling the Android 15 volume panel UI requires purchasing the Pro version of the app, which also adds a bunch of other features.

Late last month, we first reported that Google will revamp the system volume panel interface in the upcoming Android 15 release. The new design we enabled features much thicker, pill-shaped sliders all around, is collapsible, and has some playful animations for volume adjustments. Fast-forward one month, and the new volume panel UI we showed off has still not rolled out in the Android 15 beta. Thanks to a third-party app, though, you don’t need to wait any longer to try it out.

The developer of Precise Volume, one of the best volume control apps for Android, has released a new update that adds a new “Android 15 Preview” popup style for the app’s Volume Button Override feature. Basically, the Precise Volume app is capable of overriding the system’s stock volume panel UI and replacing it with its own. Before the latest beta update, the app’s only available popup style was based on the older volume panel UI from Android 14. After seeing our article on Android 15’s revamped volume panel UI, though, the developer decided to try their hand at replicating the new interface. Having tried both the official and the replicated experience, I can say the developer did a pretty good job at mimicking the new UI.