Apple WWDC 2023 vision pro price

Credit: Apple
  • The Apple Vision Pro launched today, a $3,500 XR headset.
  • For that amount of money, you could buy seven Meta Quest 3 headsets instead.
  • You could also buy a PlayStation 5, a PSVR 2, and a high-end 4K television.

Whether you want to buy one or not, today’s announcement of the first Apple-branded XR headset was pretty momentous. It’s the first wholly new Apple product since 2015’s Apple Watch and represents one of the few times Apple has boldly entered an unproven market.

Of course, the real news around the Apple Vision Pro — the official name for the new headset — is its jaw-dropping price. At $3,500, the Vision Pro is now one of if not the most expensive XR headsets consumers can buy.