Adobe Premiere Pro Generative AI features 1

  • Adobe has previewed some of the generative AI features coming to its video editor, Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Premiere Pro is slated to receive AI features like generative extend, object addition and removal, and text-to-video features.
  • These features will arrive in beta later this year, but Adobe has not announced pricing for them.

AI is slowly but surely changing the way we work and live, and we’re seeing generative AI come to all of our beloved apps and services. Adobe has already gotten on the AI train with features like Photoshop Generative Fill, and now, it’s time to bring Premiere Pro up to speed with new generative AI features that will help video editors add and remove objects, extend clips, and more.

Adobe has showcased a preview of the generative AI workflows that are scheduled to arrive to Adobe Premiere Pro as beta features later in 2024. These features are powered by a new video model for Firefly, Adobe’s machine-learning model.