Opinion post by
Dhruv Bhutani

Apple’s glimpse at the future with its first AR/VR headset, the Vision Pro, might have stolen the show at WWDC. But for most users, like me, the software upgrades heading later this year over to the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch will be far more meaningful. Unlike last year when it debuted a series of visual changes to the interface with iOS 16, Apple’s iOS 17 rollout is seemingly focused on feature parity with the best Android phones and bridging the gap with a series of additions that long-time users have requested.

Of course, like any self-respecting geek, I practically jumped onto the iOS 17 beta as soon as it was available. I’ve been putting all the newly available features through the wringer ever since. Early impressions suggest that iOS 17 doesn’t have everything I was hoping for, especially the much-rumored side-loading support. However, there’s a lot to be excited about still. Here are the top iOS 17 features that have me excited for the public release of Apple’s latest software.