eartunr airpod pro tips Eartune Fidelity UF-A

Credit: Eartune
  • The Eartune Fidelity UF-A memory foam tips are designed to replace the standard tips on the first- and second-generation Apple AirPods Pro earbuds.
  • Eartune tips are designed to conform to the AirPods Pro owner’s ears for all-day use, along with improved audio and noise reduction.
  • The new ear tips are available in several sizes and colors and are priced at $19.99.

The Apple AirPods Pro are great wireless earbuds for owners of the company’s iPhone. However, they are not perfect. The included ear tips don’t always fit well with many owners’ ears. For those users, the Eartune Fidelity UF-A ear tips being shown at CES 2023 will come in handy.

The tips are made of memory foam which will conform to any user’s ear in just a few minutes. With that better fit comes better audio from the AirPods Pro, along with improvements in noise reduction. You should be able to wear the earbuds with the Eartune memory foam tips all day with no problem. They also have a mounting buckle to attach the tips to the earbuds. The buckle also has a wax guard to protect the AirPods Pro.