Apple Vision Pro with battery 230605

Credit: Apple
  • A new report claims that Apple’s Vision Pro has fitness features.
  • Apple may have been working with Nike to create workouts.
  • Former employees say Apple may have hesitated to show off the Vision Pro’s fitness features because of the clunky external battery.

It may not seem like to those who haven’t tried, but VR can be a pretty good way to work out. However, when Apple showed off its Vision Pro headset at WWDC, fitness seemed to be missing from the list of potential uses of the device. A new report claims there may have been a reason why the feature didn’t appear at the show.

Although Apple did allow WWDC attendees to try out a meditation app on the Vision Pro, the company mostly avoided demonstrating the Vision Pro’s potential as a fitness device. This wasn’t because Apple thinks its device shouldn’t be used this way, but rather Apple may not have been ready to show off this capability.